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“I am now able to squat, lunge, run, skip, and jump. Everyone did an amazing job with me, as far as helping with my injury and being overall friendly!”

Matt A.

“I can go through a day without noticing pain in my knee. I can squat, walk, and go up stairs without worrying about damaging my knee further. Most importantly, I can go into the Fire Academy not having to worry about my knee.”

Paul H.


“I can now perform dishwashing activities for my wife. I can also reach the high shelves for dishes without any pain. I can also perform other daily activities like fold laundry and make the bed.”

Vern M.

“When I first arrived, I was not able to complete a pushup or lift anything over my head without severe pain. I can now perform pushups, horseback ride, and lift without pain. It has been the best experience. The staff take their time to answer and explain any questions that I had.”

Marcella S.

“My right bicep and shoulder have improved tenfold since coming to therapy. I am able to perform my daily activities without difficulty or pain. My range of motion and strength have improved greatly. The difference between my first and last visit is night and day. I will continue to use the tools I have learned from Blaine.”

Bob E.


“I can resume hair braiding, which is something I had to completely stop before. I can also hold things for long periods of time without dropping them. Lastly, I can actually use my hand for the whole day without having pain.”

Tezhina A.


“I am now walking better, standing better, and can balance better. I am grilling a lot more and am able to shop for longer periods.”

Bill S.


“I can now put the pressure of momentum on my ankle, make cuts, jump and use increased strength and flexibility.”

Ian W.

“My foot was swollen and painful due to a bone spur. I couldn’t walk. Through Therapy, the swelling is gone. The therapists worked wonders in a short period of time.”

Mary L.


“I am very happy with my results. I can now bend at my waist with no pain, reach the floor, and get up in the morning without pain. Since my accident I am now more mobile and stronger. I can go through my day without taking pain meds. Therapy was the best thing I could have done.”

LaQuinta M.

“When I came in with my sciatic pain, I was considering surgery because I was in such agony. I couldn’t walk without limping, couldn’t sleep more than 2-3 hours at a time, and couldn’t drive without tearing up. In just a few months I am more than 90% improved and have been given the direction to make a 100% recovery.”

Shannon R.


“I am able to look left and right again without pain. I can drive and read without pain. Blaine is well trained and knowledgeable. He is attentive and genuinely interested in his patients well being.”

Robert A.

“Finding something to help my fibromyalgia hasn’t been easy. I deal with lots of shoulder and neck pain. Dr. Miller was hopeful that he could help me. After several visits, I started to feel better. Dr. Miller found the right regimen for me. When I follow his plan and receive treatment regularly, I have minimal issues with my fibromyalgia. I am grateful to have found someone that doesn’t treat everyone the same way.”

Tessa M.


“I am able to move up and down without dizziness. I am able to shower without falling. I am on my own again. I am so grateful to Blaine for getting rid of my Vertigo.”

Helen W.


“I am able to wake up everyday without pain. I can sleep through the night.”

Rick J.


“This has been one of the best PT places I have been too. The people here are awesome (everyone of them). Blaine has found the root cause of my pain. So today, I am walking out of here with no pain and a full recovery. Thank you!”

Tippi C.

“I am walking again without a walker!”

Betty G.


“I can run pain free! Blaine has really helped the mobility and strength of my leg.”

Kyle S.


“I can golf again! Blaine was able to fix my swing and I have no pain. I am hitting the ball farther and better than ever.”

Jan G.

“I can walk and run and jump without pain. My right leg no longer feels weak and it no longer buckles. I can run and play Tennis again!”

Janice K.

“I am now able to train using KRAV MAGA self-defense techniques and take my physical conditioning to a higher level.”

Steve B.