About Us

Experience Physical Therapy believes that you can overcome pain and injury and improve your quality of life. Our combined 25 years of Physical Therapy experience allows us to provide our patients with the tools and knowledge necessary to recover from injury and meet their goals. We believe all persons have a right to optimal physical health. We believe that the dignity of life throughout all developmental states must be preserved and every person has a right to achieve his/her highest level of potential.

Experience Physical Therapy believes all services should be made available at a reasonable cost and in a timely manner to all persons who need these special services. Our mission is to provide rehabilitation services to our community that will enable all individuals the opportunity to achieve their peak performance to live life to the fullest. We will use the best combination of treatments that will get you back to living the way you should. When it comes to your health, Experience matters!

CEO and Owners:
Blaine Brooks PT, DPT and Dustin Miller PT, MSPT